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state house. >> reporter: well, it's been a day of closed door meetings for two delegates. there are other issues to consider here. >> reporter: where's jill carter? the delicate was at the hearing, but not in the hearing room. she met with the speaker of the house. she and tiffany austin held up what many thought would be a slam dunk vote on the same sex marriage vote. she'll vote, but didn't say how, carter, a co-sponsor wasn't at the vote yesterday, she's concerned about the money that the city schools would be losing in the budget. carter has to vote how she wants to vote. they say. they felt rushed and this was an issue that wasn't their
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issue. it was put ahead of issues that were important. we probably would do the same thing. we want to say, time out. i know there's 141 people out here. we're all individuals. i know they like us to lock step. it's not possible sometimes. >> reporter: late today, she said she was ready to vote, she wanted to draw attention to other issues. well, the u.s. supreme court reaffirms the right to a free speech. we're live with more on the victory for the controversial west burro baptist church. >> reporter: well, the protests outside of funerals -- where
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they say that military deaths are god's response to acceptance of gays. the supreme court ruled 8-1 that the first amendment protects the first amendment by the church. they tossed out a $5 million judgment to the father of a marine. snider died in a humvee accident in 2006. a week later, publicity seeking church members stood outside of his funeral waiving science, saying god hates america. tonight, a reaction from the member of the church. >> soldiers are tieing for the sins of the nation. you have to put away your sins and mourn for your since. shutting us up wouldn't change that. >> now, they're going to quadruple the next military protest. you've sounded off all day long.
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here's what some are saying. the decision sungs -- sucks, dan says. >> melissa writes, i agree with freedom of speech, but there should be sensitivity and common sense. debbie says, this is the worst that can be done to anyone who has died. you can leave your comments with us/facebook. coming up tonight, reaction from snider's father. all right, thank you, jamie. forget about using a helmet. today, kids with concussions could get pulled from sports. there's a proposal showing how
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head injuries are handled and requires kids with symptoms to be cleared. now, all you have to do is go to we have a lot of information for you. we have a special page on the issue. new tonight, the internet and billboard campaign to catch the east coast rapist is sparking new leads. billboards feature sketches of the suspect. the police also set up a website about the case. the website has generated 44,000 hits in 12 hours after launched last week. mark christian and michael
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brown are charged in the murder of a man. he was shot multiple times in a hotel in aberdeen. both suspects work with the victim. they believe it started with a botched robbery. both men will face murder and assault charges. two students in trouble to -- are in trouble after one brought a gun to school. he showed it to a classmate and both of the students were arrested. they were charged as adults. one teen is out on bail and another at the baltimore county detention center on $10,000 bond. and now, to a developing story tonight. we're learning more about two u.s. airmen killed outside of frankfort, germany. two others were wounded.
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all were stationed in eastern england. weatherwise today, it doesn't get much nicer in the beginning of march. temperatures up above 60 and sunshine and breezy. that's beginning to change into the evening. take a look first, maryland's most powerful radar. finding not a thing. we think that will hold up. we'll have changes in the weather on the temperature front. we're clear across the state. as we look at the current temperatures, they're pleasant now. just below 60 at the inner harbor and annapolis. look at hagerstown and down to 49. we'll hang out in the 50s for the next several hour. the winds are out of the north and that means a colder night and chillier tomorrow. governor o'malley says that the state's ready to help out steelworkers in baltimore county.
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private equity firm, rain co- agreed to buy three steel production facilities. now, o'malley says that the deal holds the promise. and taco bell is in the news again. taco bell wants to throw out a lawsuit that says that the filling is light on the beef. this comes after the mexican fast food chain says that sells were hurt by the losses. this week, taco bell launched a campaign to reassure customers about the ingredients. the irs says we may owe you
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money. about half of refunds are close to $650 time is running out for you to get your hands on it. you'll get 3 years to claim it. here's what you have to do. if you're due an old refund, you have to file a return for 2007 by april 18th. go to the irs or give them a call. and we're also working for you this tax season on the website. we have the top ten mistakes that could cost you money. go to and click on the money tab. remember that lady that said she was an acid attack victim? now, she's in court. plus, if it can happen to a movie star, it could happen to
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anyone. honoring dr. seuss while teaching children to read. px
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fast as a fox, the cat in
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the hat came back with a box! >> reporter: it's read across america day, honoring dr. seuss' 107th birthday. these school kids enjoyed the raiding. when asked if it was fun they said: >> yes! >> reporter: what did you learn? >> we learned lots. books about dr. seuss. >> today's read across america day to honor dr. seuss. there's nothing more important than reading to children. no matter how old or wacky or wild, you're too old to read to a child. >> reporter: these children tried their hands at making dr. seuss' hat and eating milk and cookies. their teacher knows the important of early reading. >> the best gift to give the
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kids is to love words and speaking the words and writing the words and reading the words. words are power. >> reporter: here are tips for parents. >> pan it up, sing if you have to. do whatever you can to make the kids have fun. >> sylvan learning center has been teaching kids to read for 30 years. today, these children had a private reading. reading is fundamental and children are our bright future we asked, what's your favorite dr. seuss book. this person said, i have two. kate writes, oh, the places
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you'll go and ashley writes, green eggs and ham. to tell us your favorite book, go to our facebook fan page, what's your favorite, wyatt everhart? >> i come out with "oh, the places we'll go." it's classic and motivational warm breeze is out there. it turns colder tonight. early march, we love this weather. it can't hold for more than a few days. at least for a few weeks. that's the change we'll see tonight. tonight, the winds turned northwesterly. the cold air is funneling in throughout the evening. what a day. blue skies over baltimore today. fantastic weather out and about. it's a great afternoon and look at annapolis.
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on the severn, we have a few passing boats. fantastic weather on the state. one more stop in laurel. the football field is getting active. why not? you want to be out in the weather and do what you can to enjoy it. we're all clear, that should be the case. that's as we go into the next day or two here. we'll see dry conditions and it will be chillier out and about. current winds are shifting south to north and getting gusty. a breezy night on the way. you can see, if you look at the darker color palates here, that's where the colder air is edging in. out ahead of it -- the central part of the state hopped out at 60. how about the neighborhood by neighborhood tomorrow. we're talking about, you know, upper 30s to 40s
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that's a good 25-degree cool off. cooler tomorrow and we'll avoid the rain and the wind won't be a factor. the satellite radar is clear to the north and west. we'll have a few showers up into new england. we'll take a trip up north. you may find active weller here. most of us seeing sunshine across the central east coast. mild, windy weather out there. colder air will settle in. and then, we'll bounce back to 40 degrees. our futurecaster keeps us clear and sunny. won't be sunny overnight but as we go into friday, we'll have a few more clouds on the increase. i think that the rain holds off until late saturday. saturday night and sunday, it looks wet around. enjoy friday and saturday.
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tonight, 26 and cooler tomorrow. 39 or so for the high. tomorrow night, down to 24, partly cloudy. the seven-day forecast is showing the out look is for a chillier day tomorrow. we'll bounce back. i think 60 a possibility on saturday. we have lacrosse down in salisbury. that should be decent and sunday, then rain. a wet second half of the weekend. plan on that. >> the rain is rolling in. >> yeah, well, it's not holding. thank you, wyatt. let's look at head lines around the nation tonight. the widow of a washington man relived the night in court. he posted an ad on craigslist. she gave an emotional testimony. the men asked like they were interested in buying a ring.
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two days of hearings kicked off in the case against casey anthony. a judge is considering a series of motions. now, the rulings could shape the defense and prosecution. it's going to start in may. an ohio family is mourning the loss of a grandmother and grandson. their home exploded this morning. the blast left just a large crater. the firefighters were spraying with a hose when the relatives walked through. the washington woman who admitted to throwing acid on her face pleaded not guilty to theft. she made up the story last year, after it hit the media, people helped her raise money.
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she then admitted she did it herself. once she returns the money, she could take a plea deal. until then, trial date is may 16th. there's emotional testimony from mickey roonny. he's the face of elder abuse and how he hopes to prevent what happened to him from happening to others. and philly is funky and not in a good way, why it's topping the list of america's most toxic cities. [ male announcer ] what if you could combine america's most advanced fiber optic network with america's most loved mobile device?
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previous studies of ibuprofen suggest that the drug could decrease the risk of parkinson's disease. those who took it two or more times a week were more likely to develop parkinsons the findings don't show that those with the disease should take ibuprofen. one in four adulls is diagnosed with a mental illness each year. recognizing the signs and symptoms could help. finding no pleasure in life, having major mood swings and generally, the longer the signs last, the more serious and the greater the need to receive help. now, elder abuse can happen to anyone, unknown and famous.
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a senate committee invited mickey rooney to testify. the actor told the committee he was emotionally and financially abused as the hands of his stepson and daughter. they denied him food and medicine. >> when a man feels helpless, it's terrible. i was helpless. for years, i suffered silently, i didn't want to tell anyone. i couldn't muster the courage. you have to have courage to say, i need help. >> heart breaking. >> the senators hope the testimony will help others stand up for themselves. 2million seniors are victimized. philly may be fun, but it's toxic according to a study.
5:26 pm
according to it topped the list of america's most toxic cities. the city of brotherly love has poor water quality and sites that contain hazardous materials. bakersville, fresno, new york and baton rouge are next on the list. well, three cases have gone cold. why these detectives need your help giving names to three women who's deaths are a mystery. what if you could make six figures by loading videos. this has some laughing all the way to the bank.
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